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melanie renee [muto]

The same fascination that comes from observing the details in the everyday [including human behaviour] happens when I discover solutions within the creative process. As a concept driven creative toggling between abstract and logical thinking, I approach design with a conceptual, yet strategic eye. The result? A [perhaps slightly odd] individual who values ideas and collaboration, is willing to experiment to discover something's potential, and may or may not be fuelled by a lot of coffee and good tunes in the process. 

As an evolving creative, I place a high value on new experiences - so lets make that happen.


Opportunities, collaborations, and/or inquiries - I'm there. 



I have some objectives, experiences, and skills you should know about. Click here to view/download my resume. 

a bit more [about me]

+ Authentic ginger

+ I’ve been told that I make “potent”, but enjoyable sangria.

+ My 80 year old grandma sends me frequent emails (subject lines, proper sign offs, and emojis included).

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