A collection of posters designed, illustrated and/or made over the past few years. 

baby shower invitations

bridal shower invitations

“Changes in Perception” visualizes the amount (%) of perceived “poor” mental health for Canadians from 2009-2012 according to Statistics Canada. Perceived mental health is based on how an individual views himself or herself, inspiring me to use the “ink-blot” motif of the Rorschach Test, which is also based on perception. Each year is separated into age group and gender. The piece can be read as individual cards, or set up into a grid structure.

Y.A.L.A - This is a piece in which the experimentation of type structures was based on the meaning behind a set of lyrics - I had chosen Y.A.L.A by singer, M.I.A, and the content of the abbreviation (you always live again). The song reflects on the idea of karma, which inspired the goal to connect the whole saying into one form (like the endless knot, a Hindu symbol of karma). The resulting “lyric structure” initially reflects the song meaning, but the physical execution further assures the concept. The piece can be viewed with or without light as a result of screen-printing the content in both glow-in-the-dark and regular ink – this communicates that, under the belief of karma, actions will exist after the fact through the consequence they cause.


y.a.l.a lights off

y.a.l.a detail

Treasure Island Music Festival -Students were asked to select an event of their choice and design/redesign a poster for such. This involved exploring how research into the event (history, location, audience/attendants) can influence the use of semiotics. I had chosen Treasure Island Music Festival, hosted in San Francisco, California.

How To Contain Your Caffeine Addiction - This is a process document for packaging designed to have the product acts as overall supporting element. With the instructions available, a viewer is invited to fold up this paper into a prototype of the final piece. 

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