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Charity -
- is a Canadian charity fuelled by young leaders and the vision to transform the perceptions and conversations around mental health. The demographic, as well as their approach, “no more silence”, posed a challenge to evoke this energy in each piece. 

Jack Chapters Program

Jack Chapters is comprised of 76 student teams across the country, mentored by the program leads and given the task to start conversations/movements within school communities.

[Design Guidelines + Resources] 

Most students may or may not be unaware of basic design principles, as well as the brand identity of My task was to educate them in a comprehensive and resourceful way – this included creating condensed guidelines as well as specific templates for their own posters and online material. 

condensed style guide - 1

condensed style guide - 2

system created for chapter logos.

application of system [4/76 logos varying from 1-4 line names]

Chapter Banners

In addition to the logos, each Chapter received their own customized banner for their school events and initiatives. The typographic approach for this design was inspired by the idea of “making noise and changing minds” as well as an important fact regarding mental health – 1 in 5 people experience mental illness, but 5 in 5 have mental health.

5/76 banners
sample [2 line name]

Chapter Swag

After shipping out "swag packs" across the country with shirts, banners, buttons, and conversation cards, the Jack Chapter students were fully equipped for the start of a new school year. Click here to view the students sporting these pieces at their events!

Jack Chapters Shirt Design/Pattern

2016 Event Graphics

In addition to their student chapter program, also hosts two events each year. The Jack Summit is a weekend long event, in which delegates across Canada are given the resources and connections to be leaders within their communities. Jack Ride is an annual fundraising event gathering cyclists, donors, and supporters of mental health awareness and stigma reduction. 

With the energy and an individual concept in mind, I executed both events in a similar manner in order to create a more holistic presence in 2016.

[apparel design concepts available upon request] 

jack summit - main graphic + pattern
jack summit - sample banner
jack summit - sample banner
jack ride - main graphic + pattern
jack ride - sample signage
jack ride - sample signage

Website Imagery 

I was asked to create potential header imagery for each section of the new website/online community. The task involved a more 2D approach, as well as visually expressing the level of energy that’s vision is fuelled by.

profile header
profile header
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